Ernst Haeckel, Art Forms in Nature

Whilst on Amazon the other day, I purchased a book which is a collection of prints by the artist Ernst Haeckel. I’ve known of Haeckel’s work before and found his work to be quite striking. Some of his pieces are packed full of detail and colour that make them hard to be missed and I want to be able to make my own pieces stand out and draw attention like he does with his.


One of the reason I have wanted to look at Haeckel’s work is because of my subject brief Outside/ Inside. What I really wanted to look into was insects and animals with exoskeletons as their outsides are our insides and I’ve found that his work relates to what I want to do quite well.


Cirripedia. Rankenkrebse

Haeckel’s work relates to a few ideas that I have as a few of his prints have sea animals with exoskeletons such as crabs, lobsters.etc. This is a topic I would like to explore more in-depth for my Outside/ Inside project as I find it quite interesting how animals such as crab have there exoskeletons as a protective shell. Also looking at endoskeletons is something I would like to research more into.


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