Field Projects – Indoor Sun’s

Indoor Sun’s is the first Material Project I have done since starting at Cardiff Met. In the first session we looked into different artist who had created pieces based around the theme ‘Indoor Suns’ whether that was weather related or just related to light. After looking at a few artists like Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde who created clouds indoors we started to create ideas of exhibitions we could create if there were no boundaries.

The first idea that we had was a hell like Victorian ghost train but after thinking about it more we decided to scrap this idea and base our idea around the weather. The final idea that we came up with was the idea of a room where you experienced all seasons and all weathers in a matter of 5-10 minutes. In this room we would use all kinds of sensors so that it would automatically turn on and off each season depending on which section of the room you were stood in quite like the exhibition ‘Rain Room’ created by Hannes Koch, Florian Ortkrass and Stuart Wood. To create ‘Rain Room’, they used sensors to turn off the rain when walking through certain sections of the room so that the rain was all around you without the person actually getting wet. Also with this ideas would be the smaller details like detail to temperature control in each section where each season is, humidity and wind control using fans and heaters and also different smells.

On our last few sessions we then started to play around with different jobs, sounds and lightings to create our own version of ‘Indoor Suns’ as a group. Above are three photos of what our final exhibition looked like. What we used were things like wood beams, string, glass cars, computer pieces, projects etc. What we did was create a sculptural form in the middle of the room and then using an old project we placed items on top to create images and light through the sculpture and onto the wall. We also used cameras to film sections of the room like when people walked passed to then be projected onto the wall also.

Below is a video I took of what we were experimenting with.


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