Shinro Ohtake

z ohtake.jpg

Shinzo Ohtake is an Japanese artist who paints/ creates installations and also designs record and book covers.  I was recommended to look at this artist by my tutor James and have found his work to be quite intriguing. Ohtake’s work is quite similar to the art journaling style I choose to do in my own sketchbooks. What I like about this style is that its a good way to turn a boring page into something aesthetically pleasing and also I find helps to keep me interested in the projects I’m doing at the time.


Another technique Ohtake uses that is similar to my work is the ‘Zig Zag’ concertina journal which consists of a sketchbook that is all connected into one long page that opens up in a zig zag pattern. I really enjoy using this kind of sketchbook for my work as this means I am not restricted to one page at a time and I can stretch out what I’m doing along the pages without having to worry about not having enough room.

What I enjoy about Ohtake’s work is how he uses colour to make his sketchbooks bright and eye catching. His pages are always so full of this and there are never any blank spaces. I’ve started to look at his work for inspiration recently as it inspires to use more brighter colours when journaling in my own sketchbook. Recently I have been using greens, yellows and oranges in their brightest forms in my sketchbook and I am really liking how it looks as I find it makes my pages look more exciting.



Examples of the use of colour and texture in my own work.

Ohtake’s work also looks quite textural from the images I have seen when doing research into him. I really like this idea of including texture in sketchbooks as it not only gives you something to feel on the page but it can also change the way the paint takes to the page. I found when experimenting with different texture pastes like sand paste and crackle paint, the watercolour paints I was using would highlighted the textures and made it stand out more. I really like the way this looks as it gives the sketchbook a more detailed look.


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