Starting Point


My level 4 subject brief this year is the theme Outside/Inside. My first thoughts on this theme had me quite worried as to how I could start this project off.  After thinking about it for a while and researching/jotting down ideas I have been really intrigued as to what I could create with this theme.

My first thoughts on this theme was to look at objects or things based on what the theme says. Outside and Inside.

My first idea for this brief was to look at everything and anything that relates to nature. The first part of my brain storm are four drawings of insects and the types of insects I could base this brief around. After looking a little bit more in-depth on google about insects, I think that looking into exoskeletons and even endoskeletons would be the best route for me to go down if I was to base this brief around insects/animals.


Some insects/animals like crabs, beetles, spiders.etc. have exoskeletons to support and protect their bodies from superior species. Larger exoskeletons are also known as shells. I think that this could be a really good path to go down as there are many different medias I could use to create my own take on exoskeletons.

Another idea I had based around the nature/natural forms theme was looking at things like plants, insects and animals in a more pretty/delicate way.

After looking at artists like Rachel Dein, Mister Finch and Jennifer Angus, I am defiantly considering creating something that is quite large scale and beautiful to look at. Each of these artists create pieces of work that relate to plants, insects and animals but do this in a completely different media from one another.

Rachel Dein focuses mainly on using ceramics and plaster casting plants.


Mister Finch creates large scale art pieces of insects, animals and natural forms like plants made completely out of textiles.


Jennifer Angus on the other hand uses insects by pinning them into walls to create her large scale art pieces

Jennifer Angus, Victorian Fancy detail

After doing my research on just nature for this part of my brain storm, I have come up with so many ideas already just on a small segment on what I could do. Also this gives me a very large variety of artists that I can look into and take inspiration from.


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