Rachel Dein



Rachel Dein is an artist who’s work I have enjoyed since I became known of her in my foundation course. Her work is so beautifully delicate and fragile that just looking at it makes me feel like I could damage it. I’m currently looking at Dein’s work at the moment as I think she could tie in well with my subject brief Outside/Inside as her work is based around plants and nature.



 The technique that Dein uses is a simple casting method where she rolls out a slab of clay, arranges a selection of flowers and foliage before greasing, hammering down and sealing a frame. After all of this she mixes together a plaster mixture and pours this into the frame on top of the flower arrangement. Once the plaster has set she gently peels the back the clay mould to reveal the beautifully delicate plaster cast of flowers and foliage.

The way that Dein uses this technique has really interested me and I am looking at completing a workshop with her in her studio in London. Doing this workshop could really help me with my ceramic and plaster casting skills and could also give me a different media to experiment with during this brief.


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