Jennifer Angus


Link to Artist page

Jennifer Angus is an artist I discovered whilst researching into insects. She uses dead insects to create her art pieces by pinning them in clusters to create a pattern effect. The insects Angus uses are typically from Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand and Malaysia as this is where she spent quite a lot of time travelling. A lot of her work links to preserving the rainforests and to bring awareness to the fact that the species itself is not endangered but the habitats that they live in are.

“Virtually every insect on the endangered species list is there because of loss of habitat’ – Jennifer Angus


The colours of the insects grouped together makes her work look very delicate and very beautiful to look at. Her colour choices I think are grouped together really well and the patterns are aesthetically pleasing.


Looking at Angus’ work really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what I could do by basing my project on insects. Before discovering her work, I had never come across an artist who had used actual insects to create their pieces. I think that this is a very unique way of creating art and is not something you see often.


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