Book + Art: Handcrafting Artists’ Books by Dorothy Simpson Krause



Ageing Paper (Page 21)

Overprinting Acrylic Paste Painting (Page 28)

Gelatin Monoprints (Page 30)

Inkjet Transfers (Page 32)

Transferring Texts (Page 38)

Placing Text (Page 40)

An Altered Book Sculpture (Page 52)

Books Folded from One Sheet (Page 62)

Simple Accordion (Page 70)

Extended Accordion (Page 71)

Editioning (Page 72)

Scrolls (Page 74)

Side-sewn Books (Page 94)

Multiple-signature Books (Page 108)

Making and Attaching Independent Covers (Page 120)

Foil Over Wood (Page 122)

Boxes (Page 126)

Creating a see through box (Page 130)

Unbound Collections (Page 132)

Adapting a Container (Page 134)


Krause, D.S (2009) Book + art: Handcrafting artists’ books. Cincinnati, OH: North Light Books.


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