1000 Artist Journal Pages by Dawn DeVries Sokol


For my Outside/Inside project one of the books I have been looking at is a book inspired by many different artist from around the world who enjoy art journaling. I really enjoy art journalling as I find it to be a very creative way to not only document things that happen daily but also to just doodle and keep a record of things that I’m thinking or feeling. Looking through this book has really inspired me in many different ways. I can interpret my own art journaling not only by using different techniques but also looking at different medias in ways that leave a very effective look.



Example of a piece of work by Judy Wise

Above is an example of a piece of work I really enjoy by Judy Wise. I really like the colours and the patterns she uses in her work. I also love how Wise uses contrasting colours to create a textured look.

Artist I’m inspired by from this book:

Page 18/0017/ Nancy Baumiller, United States*

Page 21/0020/Lydia Verlarde, United States

Page 23/0024/Renee Plains, United States

Page 44/0088-0089/Bridgette Gverzon Mills, United States*

Page 51/0110-0111/Camilla Lekebjer, Sweden

Page 55/0126-0127/Degan Beley, Canada*

Page 58/0138-0139/Val Webb, United States*

Page 61/0148-0149/Jody Morris, England

Page 63/0158-0159/ Joel Lau, Japan

Page 65/0162-0163/Joellen Martinson, United States

Page 73/0195-0196/Kathrin Jebsen-Marinedel, Germany

Page 77/0212-0213/Melissa Walker, United States

Page 87/0252-0253/Beth McWilliams, United States*

Page 91/0268-0269/Stacie Rife, United States

Page 99/0300-0301/Anastasia Beltyukova, Russia

Page 117/0369-0370/Donia Nance, United States*

Page 134/0430-0431/Glaucia Mir, United States

Page 137/0442-0443/Hanna Andersson, Sweden

Page 145/0465-0466/Jeannine Peregrine, United States*

Page 153/0494-0495/Judy Wise, United States*

Page 213/0688-0689/Roben-Marie Smith, United States

Page 244/0796-0797/Paul Abadilla, United States

Page 249/0814-0815/Traci Bunkers, United States*

Page 285/0922/Kelly T.M Kilmer, United States

Page 299/0960-0961/Melanie Sage, United States

Page 311/0991-0992/Juliana Coles, United States


Sokol, D.D (2008) 1,000 artist journal pages: Personal pages and inspirations. United States: Rockport Publishers


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