All about People


This next section for my Outside/Inside project is all about People. I have made a small brainstorm which shows the first few ideas that came to mind when looking at how I could relate people to this Outside/Inside brief. My first thought was to link this brief to illnesses and it’s effects as my grandad over the last few years has become quite ill. My Step-fathers dad Roger, has Motor Neurone Disease and uses art as his get away a lot of the time. In the past he has participated in Art Therapy sessions where he creates paintings of things he enjoys like landscapes. Doing this has really helped him through the process of his illness as it still gives him something to look forward to participate in and also gives him a sort of get away from the stresses he must feel being ill. Over the past couple months it has been quite hard for him to create art work in the sessions as it has become hard for him to move his body and to respond. After doing a little bit of research into Art Therapy and seeing the kind of impact it has on a number of people’s lives has really inspired me and I hope to maybe look at something like this more in depth.


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