Thoughts? Feelings?

Rule your mind or it will rule you – Buddha

For my project Outside/Inside I have found it quite difficult to base my studies around one specific theme. I have had a few different ideas all of which have been saved into a Pinterest board on my account and have also experimented with my ideas in my field Projects before Christmas.

Over the Christmas holiday I decided to make a few little simple note books of which I can record all of my thoughts and how I am feeling, sort of like a mini diary. As I was doing this because the notebooks were so small my writing started to merge together and overlap which left a very interesting pattern when I came to finish writing. I really enjoyed doing this and really liked the idea of presenting my own personal thoughts in a way that were still quite hidden as you can’t really read them.

For my Outside/Inside project I would like to continue and develop the ideas that I have based around thoughts and feelings using different medias and also continueing to work in small books or just on small scale pieces. What I do need to look into is other ways I can present smaller scale pieces of work wether that’s is in a collection of pieces which a playing card size or maybe even looking into creating miniature scale concertina journals.


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