Cy Twombly


Cy Twombly was an American Painter, Sculptor and Photographer. His work is mostly made large scale and uses a variety of different colours. Twombly’ work has quite a care free look to it, he uses a mixture of techniques like calligraphy and freely-scribbled movements on his work to give it quite a graffitied look. He also uses dripping effects in some pieces of his work. What I quite like about some of his work is how some of the patterns are layered on top of each other, quite like the writing pieces I have been making of my thoughts. I think that this layered effect gives his pieces more detail in some areas and gives his pieces quite an unusual look.


Twombly’ photography also has quite a simple yet elegant look to it. He uses a Polaroid camera to capture his subjects which are usually flowers, objects and interiors. Looking at Twombly’ photography, you are able to tell straight away that it was taken from an instant camera not only because of the white border but also the filtered look Polaroid film gives the photographs. With my Polaroid camera I have taken a few photos of friends and my nan and they both have the aged look to them that Twombly’ photography also has. What I really like about this kind of photography is that it is not edited and I think you can really see what the photographer was seeing at that point in time.



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