Artist Trading Cards


For my Outside/Inside project I wanted to look at how I can present small scale pieces in some sort of collection or little fold out book. Whilst looking up how to do this I came across a group of people who made these small collage pieces the size of playing cards called Artist Trading Cards or ATC’s. What really intrigued me about these small pieces where that each artist made a card based around the theme that they were given as a group, signed and dates the back and then traded the card with another artist. I really like the idea of this and also the outcomes that they all came out with were very beautiful to look at. Each card they made were different but a like at the same time weather they used earthy colours or bright luminous colours each one had its own character.

Above is a collection of a few ATC’s I have created after looking into this idea. What I did was buy a pack of playing cards from Tesco to work on top of and collaged old photos from my childhood on top. I then started to paint and use different techniques that I would normally use when Art Journaling to create patterns and layered effects on top of the cards.

Two books that really helped me with this were 1000 Journal Pages and 1000 Artist Trading Cards by Patricia Bolton who is Editor-in-chief of Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts Magazine. I came across the 1000 Journal Pages book which was in the Art Library at Cardiff Met Llandaff campus and found it quite inspiring to look at the work of other artists who have a passion for Art Journaling. This then lead to me reading through the 1000 ATC’s book which includes ways of creating ATC’s and also a selection of cards by other artists.

I really enjoyed working on a small scale like this as I was able to make quite a few cards (just over 30) but also be able to make each card detailed and interesting to look at. After creating these ATC’s I think I will continue to create these and present them as a collection. I could also develop this by creating my own boxes for them to sit in and maybe also look at creating my own themes for each box of cards whether it’s themed by month, emotion, event .etc.


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