Field Collaborative Lab 1: Silhouetted Still Lives


For the first week of our Collabarative Field Projects with the Ceramic and Maker students, I took part in a workshop called Silhouetted Still Lives. What this consisted of was looking at the effect of light, shadow and shade on a three-dimensional form. What we did each did was collect a range of objects we thought would be be good for either creating shadows or objects that would create an ingesting effect with light passing through. We arranged our objects and used a projector to project light through the objects and then drew the shadows a and shapes on a sheet of paper. After doing this a few times we then all drew shapes from what we could see from the shadow tracings which are shown above.

Using all of our drawings we then used cardboard, plastic, netting and other materials to create a three-dimensional collage of shape and textures which would help us with making our machete. Then using clay we experimented with creating different textures and cut outs which we wanted to use for our final outcome. I used a pencil end to create a tree bark effect and also to draw curves and lives to the clay like the shadowed had projectsed. Another technique I used was a curved cutting technique in the clay to cut out sections. This was we could use a projector again or any light source to project through the holes on our clay piece to create shadows.


Above is a photo of our final outcome. We decide to go for a hourglasses tree shape and use cutters to create mark making around the sides and to also cut out shapes. We also used curves of clay to create these leave like shapes around the base of our piece as this kind of shape was what we all saw in our shadow tracings.

Over all I am very pleased with the final outcome of our Still live as it shows clearly what we saw as a group in the silhouettes and shadow tracings.


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