Field Artist – Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson is a Ceramics artist I took inspiration from for my first field project. For this field project my group wanted to create a sculpture that had natural curves a lot like the pieces above which are only a few of the many pots that Anderson creates. Our original inspiration for this project were trees and nature. This idea came from the shapes and patterns we created using objects to create silhouettes against white paper which we then traced. What I like about Andersons work is curved shapes cure uses to create her natural form pots. We decide to use this technique to create our ceramics piece as I think it is quite a natural curved shape and also represents the shape of some of the older curved trees I have seen since being in Cardiff.

Another aspect of Anderson work that I really enjoy are the colourful glazes she uses on her pots. For our own ceramics piece we will not be using bright, fleresent greens like her but the textured effects the glaze leaves gives a very interesting effect. When I look st the pots and the textures and colour changes on the outsides remind me off what dripping tree sap looks like when its running out of the tree and down its trunk. This effect I think really ties together the piece and doesn’t just make it about the shapes but also draws you in with colour and textures.







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