Field Artist – Kate Gibb



Kate Gibb is a Screen Printing Artist that I found to be quite inspirational for not only my second week field project but also for my Outside/Inside project. Gibb’s work consists of lots of bright colours that compliment each other quite well and really help to make each other stand out. The colours that she has used for the two pieces above are similar to the colours that I had chosen to use for not only my individual piece but also the group piece we created.

We used bright shades of orange, blue and green papers and screen printed their complimentary colours on top to create a very colourful and visually appleasing effect. I think this worked out very well for us and also made a good colour selection that when then cut out of to create a colourful silhouette sculpture.

Gibb has also inspired a new technique I would like to use for my Outside/Inside project that can really help with the layering effect that I am wanting to achieve. I want to use screen printing on top of the small playing cards I create and a lot like her work I would like to use different shapes and colours to print on top. The colours that I will be using will be based around the colours that reflect the mood/feel of what I’m writing on each card for example, bright colours for happier thoughts or a happy mood and then darker/murkier colours for unhappy moods or darker thoughts.

The layered effect Gibb also uses for her work will also help me when creating my own pieces as I want to be able to over lap and layer the shapes and colours with out completely blocking out and getting rid of the colours and shapes under neath. I could do this by using the dark colours for the first few layers and then putting the lighter ones on top.



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