Field Collaborative Lab 3 – Illuminated

For the third week of our collaborative field projects with the Ceramic and Maker students, I took part in a workshop called Illuminated.

During this project we were split into groups to create a ‘Triptych’ piece and our first task was to create the centre panel of this using film to create a 20 second video.

My group came up with the idea of counting up to 10 and then counting down again to create our 20 second video. We used a projector to do this a cut of our numbers from black card. When the video started we took turns sliding the numbers onto the projector screen which was projecting onto a white wall. When we reached 10 a sheet of red asitate was held in the air above the numbers and we each took in turns a gain to slide the numbers off in order counting down from 10.

Video displayed below.

The second part of the Triptych was to then take another groups video and create the left panel of their Triptych. The video that we were given was a video that showed 4 people walking from the enterance of the school of art reception up to their studio space and back down to the reception area.

Video displayed below.

The idea that we came up with was to create our own studio space in an enclosed area which represented each person in our group. So we all found a table and an easel and then went to our studio spaces and grabbed a few items that helped to show what subject we took and what represented us as people and also represented what our studio space looked like.

From my studio space I brought my bag, a bottle of water, light bulbs from another project,  my notebook, my decayed corn I use for background textures, masking tape, a hair brush, a coffee cup, a few pens and the wall decor was from the start of this project as a warm up and we selected our own pieces to hang.

For our third Triptych we had to switch round again but this time we had a video and an installation piece to work from. The video we had was a 20 second time lapse style video with a double exposure on top of two different videos. The videos were of the sky with trees framing the side and the image was photocopies of leaves onto asitate which where stuck onto a window in a framed shape to show both the sky and the leaves from the trees.

Video displayed below.

Using these as inspiration for the final part of the Triptych, my groups final idea was to collect branches and anything that would have fallen off a tree and hang them in a small installation space. On the day we found it very hard to hang the branches even with a ladder so upgraded to hanging them against a wall which I feel worked out better as you were able to see the shadows of the branches against the white wall with the spot light we used.

Overall I am very pleased with all the final parts of each Triptych. My favourite part of this project was creating the third part of the Triptych with the branches as I think that against the white background it has quite a haunting effect especially with the shadows slightly behind in the background.


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