Robert Rauschenberg


An artist that has inspired my second final piece for Outside/Inside is the work of Robert Rauschenberg. What I like about this piece above by Rauschenberg is the movement of the paint and the mixture of colour. I find this to be a very effective technique by spreading the paint in different directions and creating patterns. By doing this Rauschenberg leaves the piece with a very simple but detailed look which I think adds quite a lot of character to his work. For my own work I want to recreate something like this but one a much smaller scale. I want to be able to spread colour but also let the colours mix to create lighter and darker tones much like this piece above. Even thought the paint is one of the main aspects of this piece it does not take away from the collaged photography pieces in the background. With my own work this will be a similar technique for me but mine will be writing. Applying paint on top of the writing I think will leave a very cool emboss looking effect and also add a detailed look.


To the right of this photo are two examples of what I want to achieve. I want you to be able to see that there is writing, maybe be able to read a few words but leave the rest unreadable and covered with a mask of paint which will hopefully be a clear representation of hiding behind a wall when we think, feel and when we speak.


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