Kirsty Whitlock


An Artist that has inspired my second final piece is the work of textiles artist Kirsty Whitlock. What really drew me in with Whitlock’s work was the piece above. What I really like about this piece is that she uses paper as one of her chosen medias. I really love that each piece is connected using thread either by machine stitchin or hand stitching and this is something I would like to do for one of my final pieces. Another aspect of Whitlock’s work that I really like is that she¬†uses objects like news papers, train tickets, car tax disks.etc which we see daily to create her works of art be distorting them with textiles

What I would really like to do for my second final piece is to create a patch work blanket like piece that is made us of different pieces of paper that has been layered with writing and paint. Using Whitlock’s technique will help me to bind all of my pieces together and helps to create one big final piece of the little singular pieces I am planning to make.