Field Artist – Anne Hardy




Anne Hardy is a British artist who specialises in Photography, Sculptural Installation and Audio. I looked at Hardy’s work during my third week of field project and found her work to be quite helpful when looking at creating my own installation space with my group.

For my third week field project we had to create a ‘Triptych’ piece and we decided to create one video piece and the two others would be installation pieces.

Looking at Hardy’s work she uses a lot of detail and space to create her installations. We were inspired by the space of which she uses up to create her pieces and used encloses spaces like her to set up our installations. As we only had a week to create ours they were not to as much detail and thought as Hardy puts into hers but we tried to pay attention to detail the way she looks to have done in her own pieces for ours.

Our second part of the Triptych I think relates more to her work as it is a work area that represented each one of us in the group. We collected things we would typically have on our desk and we tried to collect things that would add quite a bit of detail to each one of our characters.

Since we only had an hour or so to create this, it was not as large scale as some of her work but we tried to create something that would reflect an installation that she would create.

I found Hardy’s work to have helped quite a bit with the process of creating our installation as it helped me to pay more attention to the finer details of what we could include in our own.